At a time when the wolf conflict in Finland is raging as high as never before, Sara, a normal 19-years-old countryside girl from Eastern Finland, is fed up with rumors and hysteria and goes on a journey to the Wolfcenter in Germany.

Together with director Frank Fass, she visits 4 wild gray wolves in their enclosure to learn about the true nature of those highly intelligent and social predators and how they react to humans.

After a fascinating and very respectful encounter with the gray wolves, Sara also gets the chance to meet 16-weeks-old Hudson Bay wolf pups and howls with them together.

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Tyttö ja sudet 2
(The Girl and the Wolves 2)

11/2015, documentary, 43:30min.

Tyttö ja sudet
(The Girl and the Wolves)

10/2014, docventure, 43:50min.

A Winter Day

02/2015, shortfilm, 04:55min.

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