Welcome to my little Flightgear corner!

Flightgear is a highly accurate and very realistic open source flight simulator, available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Flight simulation is one of my hobbies and in this section you find some of my Flightgear stuff.

As I am really bad in memorizing key commands and I don't like "HOTAK" when flying, PLUS I needed a little project to get a bit into GUI programming, I knitted a little "Osprey systems dialog" which controls the important functions.

There are a few limitations:
- I didn't include the parachute-jumper jump command (not really an aircraft system...)
- The nav. lights checkbox doesn't work - although it should from what I understand from v22.nas
- The VMX22 doesn't have strobes - I assume "yet", because strobes are mentioned in v22.nas, so I included them
- The cargo ramp doesn't have an animation function, so you can only put it up/down with the dial or with the respective keyboard commands

Download here