Here you find various scripts and configs that I have written over the years. All of the stuff is either freeware or under GPL license - please check the respective article! Please don't ask me for support with those stuff. It's there but that's it. If you can't get it work, it's bad luck. Have fun playing!

Today I got a new notification on facebook, saying "Florin Georgian Voicilä also commented on", suggesting that I also commented on that page.

Well, I have not ever commented on "" and Florin Georgian Voicilä is neither in my friend list, nor did I subscribe to him. When I clicked on this notification, I was not ending up where I was expecting to...

PERL script to dynamically update the IP of a host via the cPanel-API. This script was written to work with the Finnish hoster Neobitti but it might work with other hosters which use cPanel too.

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