Although I'm usually too lazy to cook for myself alone, cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Here are some pictures and some recipes.

The perfect desert or addition for a nice afternoon tea. Cream toffee is a classic which already my mother used to make every once in a while. As tasty as it is - be aware! There's very little food one can make which has more calories than this!

Heat some peanut oil in a pan, start frying the chicken breast filets. When the chicken is well done but not yet brown, use a table spoon to spread a few drops of honey on either side and dust the chicken with Tandoori-spice (in Finland available from K-Supermarket). Fry until both sides have a medium brown crust.

Heat some peanut oil in your pan and add chicken breast filet stripes. Fry the chicken until it's starting to get brown. Then, add about a tablespoon of honey and stir heavily - be careful, don't let the honey burn!

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