News about my website.

The journey away from facebook, that is. After the latest changes in facebook's policies, especially, regarding photos and the use of those, I stepped up my efforts to move away from the social network. With the moving of my last photo albums from facebook to here, I'm one big and important step further.

I finally managed to complete the update of my private website. The new site is not only better structured (at least in my opinion) but it now also is optimized for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. A few places still need some polishing, but all in all, the update is ready.

The attempts on my PBX are increasing and increasing and from the mailing lists I get a similar picture. The big issue is that many, if not most, ISPs don't react to complaints. For that reason I will, starting now, publish the top 20 of attacking IPs here on my website, including whois links, so people can see, how big the problem is and what providers do. I'll additionally start compiling a blacklist of the "worst" networks, so admins can put those addresses in their firewall rulesets.

One of my dogs has been a bit too energetic and tried to get through the garden gate before I opened it. As a result, the aluminum beam including the birdhouse and the cam came down and the cam is trashed. I have to rebuild the structure (stronger!) and get a new cam... That might take a bit.

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