I added a category and a submenu for Flightgear stuff under "By & about Stefan". Flightgear is a free and Open Source flight simulator for Linux, MacOS and Windows which is highly accurate and realistic and has stunning graphics. I have created a few little things for Flightgear and am currently working on a few more, so here is the central place to find them all.

Chose "Flightgear" from the menu or follow this link.

As I am really bad in memorizing key commands and I don't like "HOTAK" when flying, PLUS I needed a little project to get a bit into GUI programming, I knitted a little "Osprey systems dialog" which controls the important functions.

Ever since DynDNS.org has dropped all free services, I have been looking for good alternatives. Here in Finland, the IP addresses of the cable and DSL ISPs don't change excessively often, so for a while, it was ok for me to change the A record of my home server by hand in the cPanel DNS editor of my hoster.