I finally managed to complete the update of my private website. The new site is not only better structured (at least in my opinion) but it now also is optimized for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. A few places still need some polishing, but all in all, the update is ready.

Around 1345h we had yet another brownout here. It was only for a few seconds but enough again to mess with my computer systems and my washing machine. Well, there actually were a few dark clouds in the sky and some distant grumbling, so I probably shouldn't wonder too much about it...

[UPDATE]: Another one occurred around 1520h...

I have been bashing Finnish telecom giant Sonera for bad service quality quite a bit in my blog in the past and in all fairness - they deserved it! And I think, with roundabout 15 years of IT career and experiences on both ends of a support line, I know what I'm talking about. But all is not bad and - seemingly - all is not lost there. Believe it or not - some of their guys are actually pretty good!

The attempts on my PBX are increasing and increasing and from the mailing lists I get a similar picture. The big issue is that many, if not most, ISPs don't react to complaints. For that reason I will, starting now, publish the top 20 of attacking IPs here on my website, including whois links, so people can see, how big the problem is and what providers do. I'll additionally start compiling a blacklist of the "worst" networks, so admins can put those addresses in their firewall rulesets.

In the last few days we had several blackouts and brownouts in Valkeakoski. Granted, there was a storm, but it wasn't the first storm ever. Storms are common in autumn in this area and the weather service announced it several days ago, so Valkeakosken Energia could and should have been prepared. On top of all, we had a blackout this morning and today we just have some nice wind but no real storm, so no excuses.